Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is it any wonder why I'm tired?

Just a typical day 'round these here parts.
Of course, since it was probably the most beautiful day of the fall season this year we took the jumping outdoors.

BTW, got a camera. 

This child will jump off of anything, from anything, over anything.
I see stunt man in his future.
He's jumped & stretched since the womb.

Full of energy.
From the minute he wakes, til he goes to bed.
The statement is true.
Mother's of boys work from son up til son down.
I need tons of caffeine when it's just he & I.

I love my boy!
Wouldn't trade him, slip him a Benadryl every now & then, sure, but definitely not trade him.
Kidding on the Benny people!
I'll just duct tape him to bed.



schmeggie... the benedryl worked best on you and erin. you were able to chew your way out of the duct tape and erin used the baby lotion for her escape.. yup yup benedryl is the bomb... whole new meaning for the word bennies

Miller Racing Family

Girl I totally uderstand your pain. Our little guy loves to climb to the top of the playhouse and jump off. It must be a boy thing, trying to give their moms heart failure. But to tell the truth I wouldn't have it anyother way.
I hope you had a great day!