Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looks sweet as candy, no?

Yea, yea, he's sweet alright.

Take for instance, last evening.
Bobster, myself, Cheekers, TimBob & Dan-o riding along in the mini van.
All talking about God knows what.

Well Cheeks got a little snippy so I said "Cheekers, if you do not be quiet,you are going to be in trouble"
His reply "Mom! Will you stop talking?"
Me: "What did you say?"
Him: "Mom, all your talking, you are giving me a headache."

I must say thank goodness he couldn't see me.
I just started to laugh.

I did correct him, as did his father, but we both thought it was funny.
Especially b/c his cousin said "Oh Meghan, that's you!"
And he is right.
I am famous for telling my raucous, loud, chaotic fam to tone it down b/c I have a headache.

Guess I've created a monster.
Or at least a smart a**.