Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh that's right ladies

He's all mine.
Keep your hands to yourself.

This is what Bobster does when he's bored at work.
And he tells me I do nothing all day.
Guess that Bobcat is driving itself.

So I am sitting here in my cold home, jammies on, listening to the serenade of Bobster's snores while it snows like a mofo out there.
I am totally over the snow.
Growing up I never remember this much snow.
I remember snow here & there
Jersey is getting pounded this winter
well, I've had enough.

Bring on summer!

Don't get me wrong.
Winter is great.
You can bundle up in all kinds of layers.
Hide the fat rolls is my motto.
I don't mind the cold, and really don't mind the snow.
As long as it's on the weekend.
When I don't have to get up & shovel
as we all know Bobster is usually out of town when snow hits.
He's home this time though.
I will watch from the warmth of my computer screen as he shovels.

It's not that I don't want to shovel.
We only have one.
So really what good would I be.
And my delicate hands would get so frozen out there.

I will man the inside.
Perhaps made a banana cream pie.
From scratch.

How 'bout you?
What do you do while it's snowing?




If you were to just move to So Cal you wouldn't have that whole snow problem!