Monday, January 31, 2011

Civic Duty Called

I did it.
My civic duty.
Jury duty.

I'm  now officially done for 3 years.
Without fail, when I live in this county, I am called...every 3 years.
I know it needs to be done.
It's just so darn inconvenient.

I did get called to be on a jury.
The trial was slated to last 6 weeks.
For a civil suit.
I was excused.
Due to financial hardship if I was to serve all that.

Back to the basement I went to await the next call of jurors.
Luckily, they had all they needed & we were released.

I made the trek back to my van.
Right pass the prison.
Then I drove through Camden.
The 2nd worse crime city in NJ.
They just recently laid off half the police force & half the fire force for the budget.
Smart move there Camden.

Have you ever served on a jury?
I always get picked but never actually serve.




i've served in 3 different cases in CA but the hubs just went to his here in Jersey and was excused wish it was that easy.


Lucky you! I always get picked and always end up on a trial for several months!