Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, my hunch!

Have you heard/seen this movie?


My fam stumbled upon it when it was on Showtime.

This movie is hysterical.
Igor, the hunchback, is voiced by John Cusak.
Steve Buscemi & John Cleeves also provided voices.

When I tell you to run & get this on dvd, RUN!

It's for the little ones & Cheeks adores this movie.
The one liners in it are more for the adults but not in a sexual inuendo (?) type of way.

The cartoon takes place in Malaria, a town where it just thunderstorms all the time & evil runs rampant.
There is hunchback school, where the hunchbacks go, they graduate & all become "Igors" whether it's their name or not.
The town even has an evil scientist competition, which is really the basis for the story.

Santa put this in Cheeks stocking this past season
I think we have burned a hole in it already.

Tell me, what is your favorite cartoon/kids movie?