Friday, April 11, 2014

17,18,19 Hike

The past few nights (when I do my blogging) have just been busy, busy, busy.
Last night, the 15yo had an outdoor deck hockey game at 9pm.  By the time it was over & we were home it was 11pm.  That is past my bedtime y'all!

Anyway I'm going to work backwards on the 100 Happy Day challenge for the past 3 days.

Today's happy came from my mailbox!

My prize from my win at Sweeps4Bloggers.While I am not a jerky fan, Bobster & Chris are.
More power to them...Enjoy!

Yesterday's happy was my new 31 Bag.  There was a fund raiser at work & I love to support fund raisers.

Check it out:

Is that not the cutest?
For some reason they put my middle initial in the middle.  I always thought the last initial went there. Ah, who cares.
Isn't it the kickiest?  10 pts for those that can guess my middle members are barred from entering.

The day be yesterdays happy was this great looking sky:


Isn't it so pretty.  That was the sky about 5:30 on my home.  Fluffy clouds, blue sky for miles.
Made me happy.

What has been making you happy???