Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Days 9 & 10 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Sorry for the no post yesterday.
I was so tired and no oomph to write.

Yesterday's happy was easy.
The weather.
Spring is here...finally! 

NJ is finally experiencing temps that are not frigid.
We may have rain but the temp is high enough we can open our windows & air out the house.
Ah yea baby!

My happy today, Wednesday April 2, is brought to you by Zulily.
I adore this site and since I wear, ahem, plus size, I love them even more.
They have a great selection of clothes for us in the double digits.
And they are cheap!  Not to mention muy excelante customer service.  Top notch!

Look what arrived today in the mail.

Not the best of pics but after getting a free credit (for an issue I had...not only did they credit me, they refunded what I paid as well & let me keep the shirt!) & just paying for shipping, that cutesy top was only $6.

Yes $6.

I tried it on when it came & it fit.
It's a bit low cute BUT I have always been a prude about showing cleavage.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out Zulily...go, go, go! Right now.

What made you happy today?


Pat Loudin

I love zulily also. I'm a plus size girl too. Their clothes fit great and the prices are are very reasonable. I was happy today because I got to chat with my daughter and she always makes her Momma smile.(Pat)