Tuesday, April 15, 2014

22, 23, When will the numbers end

The numbers will end on the 100th day of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.
How ya' like them apples??
Tee hee.

Yesterday was gorgeous in Jersey.  In the 70's.  Ab Fab Really! 
Remember that show?
It was a British Import.

This show was too hysterical.
Who watched it?

I took Cheeks to Stratosphere Trampoline Park yesterday.
He had a ball and I enjoyed watching him have a ball.
My 7yo has always loved jumping from way back...like in the womb!  I thought for sure I was giving birth to a future NBA star with all that jumping.
Seriously thinking of having his b-day party there this year.

Today's happy was easy.
I won a giveaway for Dragons: Defenders of Berks Part 1 DVD from Sweep Tight.
My 42yo will flip.
Yes, you read it right...Bobster is a lover of the Dragons films & shows.
It's nice to know I have 4 boys, not just 3.

What was your happy today?
Better yet, what has been going on with you?