Sunday, April 13, 2014

21 Happy Days of the 100 Happy Day Challenge

Yesterday was so beautiful that I wasn't really around.
It was day 20.
We started the day off with a two hour karate class for Cheeks.  Beginners first followed by leadership.

My happy for today is the amount of pride I have in my 7yo.  He becomes such a different child when he is in that classroom.
He is focused, respectful, always volunteering and silent!  Love the silent part.
That happiness from yesterday, seeing him do his "moves", is carrying me through today.

That wasn't the only happiness yesterday.
Cheeks discovered that some flowers had bloomed across the street.  We just had to go see.
I picked one, told him they were called buttercups and taught him how to check to see if you like butter.  Surprisingly, we both like it.  I wonder if Paula Deen has ever done that test.

I broke the buttercup off & had Cheeks put it behind his ear.

I thought he would keep it there but as we were leaving the park, he ran back and put it with the other flowers.
When I asked why he told me he didn't want to take it from it's family.

How freakin sweet was that??!!!???

Again, happy.

Tell me, what has been your happy lately?