Saturday, April 19, 2014

27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27

I am over a quarter of the way through with the 100 Happy Days challenge.
So proud of myself.

Anywho, today's happy is brought to you by this:

This Bundt Cake pan has brought many goodies to my family.
Most notably, the Lemon Ricotta Cake we will be consuming for dessert tomorrow.

The best thing about this pan...I paid $2 for it at a garage sale.
Yep. $2.
Then as I turned to leave said garage sale, I slipped on their lawn & fell.  Slid about 3 feet...all without ever loosing my grip on Cheeks.  He wasn't even a year yet.
Baby hurt?
Mission accomplished.

Here's my question, have you ever bought something at a garage/yard sale that has given you joy over the years?
What was it?
Tell me.