Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can't bare to look...who went home on ANTM????

Can you stand it?
My fav model went home.
It was not in the stars for Lauren.
Man, that sux. Cheeks can't believe it either.
Will just have to find another model to like out of the 5 remaining.
Guess I will move onto Anya.
Sure, her Hawaiian surfer accent is uber annoying but she is a darn good model!
Of course, there is Whitney.
A plus size model.
I think she's a 10.
Yea. Plus!
Please....put me on that's plus.

Speaking of which I am approaching my 300 posts!!!!
I think I will do a giveaway on my 300 post so stay tuned.
I still have the books that I gave away to mail...they are in my van, I am hoping to get them out tomorrow. It stinks only having 30 minutes & everything is 15 minutes away. Eh, what it is, is what it is.

Nothing really new & exciting.
Cheeks is picking up words left & right.
Especially the other day when he was in another room & I wanted him to come to me.
He wasn't coming so I said "Ok, one!"
from the other room I hear:
BAAAHAAAHAA The kid cracks me up.
He scares the crap out of me too.
Last night he choked on a chicken nugget.
Tonight, while I was right next to him, he stood in the tub & almost lost his footing. I grabbed him & sufficet to say, his tushie was a little red...I told him he doesn't stand up unless Mommy or Daddy says so.
I don't think I am going to make 40.
Boys are heartattacks waiting to happen!!!!

So spring has sprung & so have my allergies.
Good times, reader, good times.
I sneeze a minimum of 4x's in a row, my throat itches continuously & my eyes are bloodshot 24/7. I am very pretty right now!
Can't wait for June.

Nothing else really new & exciting.
On that note....
~Woops out!



If only it were just boys who were like that, then I would be a relatively sane mother. But our two-year old is determined to be as non-girly as possible (with the exception of being obsessed with clothes and shoes) and so I am regularly going into near-panick attacks when I see what she's done this time.

We like to tell people we don't need any more kids or to try for a boy because we have our squeaky little monkey who is more than a handful all on her own.


I have had my share of heart attacks with my 11 year old boy and let me tell ya. they don't stop when they get out of the toddler stage. lol


Can't say that I have ever gotten into ANTM. I do watch DWTS and AI though and I absolutely hate watching the bye bye shows!



I know the feeling, Robbie "wandered" off once at a water park and scared the bejesus out of me. The twins are now seven, as soon as the heart attack stuff stops, I promise, you will be the first to know!! Thanks for the book, I am so enjoying it. Too funny, it just came yesterday and I have probably read 10 chapters. E-mail me at I have some books you might like.