Tuesday, April 08, 2008

While we slept, we had guests.
Actually one guest in particular.
He would come.
Hang out.

Obviously a man.

Anywho he overstayed his welcome.
So I had some peanut butter and a new home for him to visit.

Well, he came, visited his home & that is where I found him this morning.
Laying there.
Neck broken.
Eyes bulging.
Staring at me, as to say "Murderer!"

It had to be done.
Hopefully this is just one.
No more partier's in the middle of the night...or any other time of day for that matter.




Oh barf. You are a stronger woman than I am.


i'm changing your name to lizzy borden you murderous wretch. is this how i raised you? no i think not. this has the influence of a buchman written all over the place. that's buchman NOT buchanan. my sweet little girl schmeggie the magpie has turned into lizzy. what's next? chipmonks? poor things. first you let it feast and gain weight. its thinking im attractive now. my fur is nice and i'm at a good weight.. then SPLATTTTTT. what do you have to say for yourself miss meghan kathleen woeppel?? squeeeeeeek


I'm with you girl!!! My feeling is if you come into my house, you get what you get. I have to get the mouse at my house since my "Bobster" is a big giant sissy lady when it comes to mice. If he sees one in the kitchen, he won't go in there till he knows its gone. I grew up in the woods, they don't scare me. Good thing because we'd be living in the bathroom if I left it up to him.


Hey, welcome to the mouse mass murderer club! :) One of my college roommates and I moved into a house...which apparently had been inhabited by mice before....

11 mice and mousebabies later...mouse free....! Peanut butter works wonders on mouse traps!


"Obviously a man"

I love it!

You have a way with words!


At least you found yours. Mine comes, eats, poops, gets into everything and then leaves ... just like a man! Mine is fast. Faster than the snap!