Saturday, April 12, 2008

What has been going on....

Check him out!
A natural I do say.
This was taken a few week ago at
Little Sport.
I took Cheeks & met my girlfriend there with my Godson.
The kids loved it.
All sports, all the time.
I will definitely be taking Cheeks back.

My mom is in the hospital, so say a prayer.
I think it was a bad panic attack
they are doing some tests to rule out the heart 100%.
So when Mr. Cheeks gets up from his nap, we will pick her husband up & back to the hospital we go.
She seemed in good spirits today tho., so that's a plus!!

Not much else going on.
Found new storage for my dvds. Only took me like 6 months to figure it out & I have had the stuff for 2 years (the storage stuff that is).
Still on a redecorating on an extremely frugal budget kick.
More like no budget at all but I am workin it!!!

That's about it.
What's going on in your neck in the woods?
Woops out!



Prayers for your mom! Hope that it all turns out ok and it is not her heart.

We are just packing and going through stuff this weekend. That is all we have been doing.