Monday, April 28, 2008

Let me introduce...

Colin Andrew.
I am a little late on the introductions.
Colin came into this world on March 29th, weighing in at 7lbs 15 ounces!
Who, pretell, does Colin belong to?
My little brother, Andrew.
Ok, how many of you knew I had a brother???
Anyone at all?
Do you all know I have another sister besides Erin?
Yes, yes I do.
Anywho, Colin is the 1st child, 1st son to my little brother.
My little brother who was the professional prom date & a pest growing up.
My little brother who I brought home drunk & said "Don't throw up in the kitchen sink b/c mom will have a fit" & who promptly threw up in the sink.
My little brother who was told to not go out in his car in the snow storm but did & managed to get into an accident & kept it from all.
I'm throwing him under the bus now!
I figure he's over 30 & a daddy, so what are they going to do? Punish him?
Don't answer that. I still get punished & I am over 30 & a mom.
How does that work?
Anyway, Colin is adorable & I can't wait to meet him!!
So Andrew, Kerri, if you are reading this blog...YOU DONE GOOD BOY!
Now get to having another one b/c I think I am one & done...or at least three & free...something like that!
Woops out!



Congrats to your Brother and SIL! Congrats to Auntie Meghan too!
He is a cutie and keeper!


What a cutie!

P.S. - You can just click on my screen-name and it should take you right to my new blog. Hop on over and leave a comment any time!


Beautiful baby! Heads up--you won the giveaway at my blog, Cooking with Anne!

Irma's Rose Cottage

Congrats to your Brother and SIL. Colin is a cutie!
Please stop by and visit.



Yes, yes I did know that you had a brother and two sisters. I'm not sure how I knew it, but I did.


Awesome Abby

Not sure how, but yes, I knew that!