Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend in Review...whew!

Went to the campground yesterday but first we stopped to pick Tim up from school.
Chris wanted to practice soccer & they have a tot lot there so Cheeks played while Chris & Bob played soccer. Then Cheeks got in on the action.
The 1st 3 shots I played around in photo shop with.
I like the outcome.

The child was disgusting & worn out. He slept in til 8:15 today. Woo!
Bobster, did you have a fun time at the campground?????
Woops out!



grea pics of my grand kids meghan. the layout is cool. but i have to tell you i wasnt expecting to see that expression on bobby's face and i snorted milk outta my nose when i laughed. thanks so much...xxxx


I used to love to tire their little butts out and they would sleep late. He is so cute!!


Love the pictures! Especially the one with Bob and his face! Your boys are too cute!