Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Update

Those are some mighty big shoes you are trying to fill there, Cheeks.
There he is, trying on Aunt Erin's shoes.
Although, his foot is growing. I think he's going to need a 7 for the summer.
He only has one pair of shoes anyway.
Am I a terrible mom b/c he only has one pair of shoes?
Am I?

Quick update on my mom.
She came home yesterday.
It was nothing.
Well, it was something
not her heart
Most likely...STRESS!
Imagine that!
So she is home. Yay!

The freebies are rolling in.
I get a lot of them from this site....
Sign up for her newsletter. I get it sent to my mail, then I go to the page & link thru.
EZ, Peasy.
Yesterday I got my free magazine subscriptions for Home & American Photo....over the weekend, Country Home came & The Star. Plus a Schick Titanium razor came.

I also get a lot from this blog:
Freebies4Mom. Again I just get her newsletter (or update to her blog) sent to me in email. If I have time I visit the site b/c she updates all day long. I have been getting tons of Walmart freebies, like pet food (I am donating to a shelter), diapers, lotions. Oh yea! Bring on the freebies.

If you want to know some other sites I find this stuff on....just ask.
I have them all bookmarked & try to visit daily.

I also just took another Pinecone Research survey...CHA CHING! I will be getting another $3 check in the mail shortly. I am still waiting for my $25 check for getting scammed overseas by Visa...I applied for that awhile ago but it still hasn't come.

Not much more to tell.
I had a little time this morning so I thought I would post a new entry.
I know I have so many fans....BAAHAAHAA!

On that note...
~Woops out!



Glad that your mom is home and it was not her heart or lungs.


I need free things! Anything that comes in the mail is cool and if it's free, it's even better!