Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's A Miracle, A True Blue Spectacle, A Miracle Come True (thanks Barry Manilow!)

See that man up there?
The one in the bright blue?
The daddy?
Well, not only has he had the house straightened up when I've come home this week
Tonight....he cooked dinner.
Blow me over with a tulip!
He made pasta w/ broccoli & then served chicken on top.
Not just any chicken......Chicken that was marinated then baked.
It was delish.
It was a little Italian dressing, some cinnamon, basil, a bit of hot sauce, some EVOO & Italian Seasonings.
This was the bomb diggity yo!
He marinated it for 90 mins, popped in the oven @ 350 for 25 minutes.
It was so damn good!
The chicken was juicy & tangy & sweet.
And the best part....LEFTOVERS!!!

What else?
What else?
Ah, Hells Kitchen....ok who watched?
Christina won.
I was happy.
Felt bad for Petrozza.
He put up a good fight but he had that bitch on his team, Jenn.
Can't stand her.
Christina had Matt on her team.
Talk about a whiner.
For the love of God, Matt, you suck as a cook! Realize it!
Now I just have to wait until Sept for that sexy Chef Ramsey to be back on Kitchen Nightmares.

Let's see, still dealing with the depression.
Am going to the doc on Friday to talk about things.

Got some freebies yesterday & today.
Got Pantene shampoo for red heads, 2 samples of Dove deodorant...good thing, I was running out of the big D & 2 issues of Metropolitan Home magazine.
Interesting decor ideas in that one.
I am still trying to redecorate on a small, barely there budget.
I have an idea for a project & have the materials....just have to wait til it's not so humid to start it.
I will post a pic when I finally complete it b/c I know all my loyal readers will just want to see what I made!

On that note....
Woops out!



Sent away for some freebie too. Hope I'm as happy with them as you are!

Thanks for the tips. Don't forget to share when you have the chance.



What is with all you ladies with the great hubbies! Mine? His idea of "cooking" is dialing the phone.

Awesome Abby

What a sweetie! Sounds delicious....you are makin' me hungry! LOVE the picture!