Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last day I can say

I am 37.
In just a few short hours, I will be turning 38!
For the Love of God it can't be!

Anyway the above pic is from when I was 3 months old.
How do you like that shine?
Reminds me of Bobster now!
Baahaahaa...I kill me!

Speaking of Bobster...someone is ill.
He has the stomach virus.
All I can say is when men get sick, watch out.
They become incapacitated.
And extremely whiney.
I think I have 4 boys now, instead of 3.
I feel for him tho.
Throwing up is the worse.
I would rather get a rectal!
Ooh...my butt cheeks just puckered.
I know.
Hopefully by morning he will be feeling fine.
He usually just sleeps these things off.

I am feeling super creative lately just too exhausted to actually do anything creative.
I have found some fabu blogs for creativity.
Talk about inspiration.
I will post a few in the upcoming days.
I know you are all just waiting with baited breath!
If you have any super cool blogs that you think I should be reading, send them my way.
I am a blog ho ya know!

Woops out!

*Edited to add: Tanya & Erin...Steve & Barry's filed for bankruptcy, so they may be slashing prices...just an FYI*



OMG, you slay me!



it's my baby's birthday.. yes girls of the blog, meghan kathleen was born this date at 9:52 pm. she weighed in at 9lbs 4 oz and was 21 in long. she looked then and still looks like her daddy. in fact so does cheekers. they have some strong genes on that side of the family. the sister erin looks the same as well. meggie schmeggie have a wonderful birthday. i'll be thinking of you all day and remembering how happy daddy and i were this day 38 years ago....one more year and you'll be as old as me.. how did THAT happen???


Happy Birthday Meggers..... I hope you had an enjoyable day and cake.. lots of yummy cake.