Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday

Do you think he would cook dinner?
He just likes to inspect the pots & pans & make sure they are clean.
Let him wash the dishes from now on!

Tonight, Cheekers, went where no Cheekers has gone before.
He is obsessed with the potty.
Don't get excited. He didn't go on it.
Instead, he just put his hand in the bowl, touched the inside of it & went ew.
So I disinfected his hand & told him dirty.
I don't mind him playing with water but not toilet water.

So I have some birthday money to spend so I have decided to upgrade some stuff in the humble abode.

I found this cool store: The Stainless Steel Store. Of course I headed right to the decorate section of the site. I was immediately drawn to these, Blomus Stainless Steel Star w/in a Star Christmas ornament. Not because I need more ornaments but b/c I use star ornaments in my kitchen for accents. For those not in the know, my kitchen is stars & angels. Plus they are cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! And cheap is for me.

I also saw this great Blomus Stainless Steel Wall Mounted CD Rack. A litte on the higher side BUT I think it would be nearly indestructable in the boys room.
I hope....boys are hard on things!

How cute is this: Stainless Steel Seven Piece Finger Food Set. Not to mention most of the items I have found on this shipping!
Spave right there!
Plus they have these super cute Stainless Steel Hand Magnet those hands remind you of any particular character? Hmmmmm? My sister is a Disney freak so I am thinking these maybe a potiential Christmas gift!

Well I have done my whining, my crying & my recommendations for some cute stuff for around the abode, so I must leave now.

Woops out!



I wish my son would show some interest in the potty...maybe not with sticking his hand in it but at least not be afraid to even set foot in the bathroom!


Wow... is it my imagination or is he getting bigger??? They grow too fast! {{{hugs}}}