Sunday, July 20, 2008

You go Boy! You go!

He is on to the finals!!!
Go Aaron!
Go Aaron!
Of course, Bobster says "Aaron goes home this week!"
Me "No way! They are keeping all 3!"
Sure 'nuff, all 3 have moved on.
In actuality 2 are hometown boys. Aaron is from Camden, NJ & Adam is from Philly.
But, of course, Aaron holds all the talent & he totally nailed the promo challenge tonight.

Ok enough ramblings about him.
My day was delightful.
I had some much needed "girl" time with 2 of my very good friends, Kathy & Megan.
For my bday the girlers took me "The Cheesecake Factory."
It was totally devine! I had the Grilled Shrimp & Bacon Club.
For dessert: Snickers Bar Chunks & Cheesecake!
So yummy.
I actually ended up taking home 1/2 the cheesecake b/c I was so stuffed from the sandwich which is HUGE!

Of course, for dinner, I made the culinary delight of hamburger helper for my family.
Hold your applause.
I know.
Hamburger doesn't get much more original cuisine than that.
Bobster scarfed it up!
Cheeks, not so much, but he ate it.
I ate it but wondered to myself why the meat was grey.
Of course, not grey like when the Nana makes grey meat.
Don't ask people! Don't ask!

I digress.
Didn't do much more than that.
Bobster & Cheeks went to the garage & worked on the race car.
Well Bobster worked, Cheeks ran around with the skimmer for the pool, then the broom for the garage.
I went to B&N where I got Cheeks a book about "MoMo's" or motorcycles.
It is shaped like a motorcycle & has actually wheels.
Well you would have thought I told him he was going to meet Elmo.
The kid was so happy with his book.
He looked through & Daddy read it to him & then he rolled it around on the table & the floor making "Varoom, varoom" noises.
So cute.

So I have no bored you all to death with the mundane details of my Sunday
it's my blog & I can do that!

So what did you end up doing today?
P.S. Once again I am stuck with the military channel on the tv & Bobster snoring on the couch.
Good times!
Good times!

Woops outs!



Sounds like you had a great day!

We did nothing much or constructive yesterday. lol