Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A little this, a little that

Notice something about this pic.
Let me know if you do.
You could win a small prize. Speaking of prizes.....I still owe the girls their Aveeno (I finally got envies to get them out) & Jacquie her Starbucks card.
I promise they will get out. I am shooting for Saturday.
I know.
I suck!

Tanya & Val asked if Lowes or Home Depot have the workshops for kids under 1st grade age. I am not sure.
While the middle boy & I were there, 2 boys came in that were 4 & 6.
They were allowed to participate & the project, with adult supervision, would be easy to do. They even had kid size hammers for them & gave away game cd's & a coloring book with each project.
So, swing on by your local one & check one out.
You have to sign a permission
I was never asked for it.

Now onto a blog for more inspiration.
Of course, you know, I scrap.
Although I don't really get to do it often anymore
still I love it.
This blog, Jennifer Stewart, RAWKS!
She has a cool decorating style & her scrapping is too cool.
She also teaches in her local area.
Wish I lived near here.
Check it out for massive inspiration.

Now onto another note.....Nana send more macaroni salad....Bobster ate it!
Need more!

Woops out!



I had to look at your pic twice, is it that the guy in the white has no head? Maybe?

I scrolled down and read some of your blog-- I HATE WALMART TOO... I refuse to go there except in dire situations. I hate that place.

Thanks for your comment, it was so lovely of you!


Darn it. Beat to it. I was going to say the same thing ... it looks like Mr. White Shirt has no head! lol



Where is that guys head????? You know I get all your posts a day late b/c I subscribed to your blog feed.... :(