Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too Hot Too Cook Thursday

It's Too Hot to Cook Thursday....brought to you by SJ Mom Bloggers.
It was so hot I just served cake for dinner.
It has eggs, milk, flour, all the necessities.
I kid!
I kid!
Tonight I actually did fried chicken from Acme with a side of buttered noodles & some carrots.
Pretty tasty actually.

But this post, with lack of a recipe, leads me to let you all know of a blog that has tons of great recipes & vidoe tutorials....FOR FREE!
Everyday Food Storage
This chick totally rawks!
The recipes on her blog make my mouth water!!! And makes me want to actually cook!
Go check her out.
Tell her I sent you!

Now this cooking thing has lead me to tell you I have been selected to go to a casting call for a new show about hopeless home cooks for the Food Network.
Unfortunately I will not be going.
If I am selected I have to go to NYC for a month at a drop of the hat.

Financially we can't do it
Do I want to leave the kids for that long!
So while you are reading my blog just think that I could have been famous!

For those of you wondering what is wrong with the pic from yesterday, it looks as if TimBob has no head.
How I managed to snap that I have no idea.

Emily was the winner!!!
You go girly! You go!

So congrats
Woops out!



Dang it. I had the right answer and was thisclose to actually winning. Again I say dang it!


Hey, I could do that show ... I don't cook, don't know how to cook, don't like to cook. As a matter of fact, I HATE everything about cooking!





Your kiddo is getting soo big! LOL about the cake for dinner. Too bad you didn't get to go on show! BUMMER!

Check out my blog. I nominated you for a blog award! :)

the duchess

I love this. Right now in Texas it's too hot to do anything, much less cook. Cake for dinner it is! ;o) No complaints from this house.

At Home Redesigns

I like the idea of cake for supper myself! Maybe next time...