Monday, July 20, 2009

Bobby Flay...all the way!

Last night Bobster took me here:Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City @ The Borgata, it was for my bday.

Let me just tell meal I ever had!
Swear to the Gods of all Coach handbags, it was divine!

We started by sharing the starter of Buttermilk Fried Onion Rings w/ crumbled blue cheese & cherry tomatoes. My goodness the tomatoes were out of this world & the blue cheese was as fresh as fresh could be.

For our entrees Bobster got the ribeye w/ one of Bobby Flay's signature grilling sauces to dip in. WoW! I got to taste it & it was fabu.

I ordered the Lobster & Surf skewers. The portion wasn't overly large but the taste was. It was Fantastic!!!! The filet was so tender it was like butter & the lobster was yummy. It came with a horseradish & mint sauce to dip in. OMG! Best sauce EVER.

We split a side of twice baked potatoes w/ goat cheese & sour cream.

We skipped dessert so I could gamble $10.
I lost it in about 25.8 seconds.

So my advice is if you in Atlantic City head over to Bobby Flay, you will not be disappointed!!!! Your wallet will be lighter but you will not care because the food is that freakin good.

Tell me, what's the best meal you ever had?




Mmmm lobster, I'm hungry now.


Hubby wants to go here so bad! Sure does sound good. I'm currently a big fan of Morton' die for food and OMG the hot chocolate lava cake for dessert!!!!


Yum. Sounds like you had a blast. Next time take some pics of the food, girlfriend. :)