Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Good Home Cook Book

Recently, I was privledge to get to participate in reviewing "The Good Home Cookbook", thanks to the lovely people at Abrams Books.

Can I just say....totally love this book!
I have a slight obsession with cookbooks so I am always looking for new one.
This one fits with my collection great.
To be honest, I would probably replace my Betty Crocker cook book with this.

The book covers it all.
With over 1000 recipes, it should.
You get recipes ranging from Breakfast (German Pancakes) to Drinks (Switchel!).
Plus there is a section for utensils & equipments, cooking terms, freezing & thawing & much more (like Holiday Menu ideas...Hello! I always need help in this realm of my cooking).

Recently I made the Spaghetti w/ Olive Oil & Garlic (found on pg 260).
Bobster really liked it.
I thought it was a bit spicy
like any recipe you can enhance it to your tastes.

The recipes provided by real home cooks, with tidbits & stories along the way.

It has a great index if you are looking for something specific & a conversion chart for those of us who can't convert ounces to grams & so on (um, I would so fall into this category).

This book would make a great wedding shower gift or a just starting out gift.
Even experienced cooks would appreciate this book.

So if you are in the market for some yummy, new ideas in the kitchen, get this book!

Do you already have this book? What do you think of it?
If not, tell me what your fav cookbook is from your library!