Friday, July 24, 2009

Ugh & Ouch

Back when I was preggers w/ Cheeks I was diagnosed by having gallstones.
Well I never had attacks so I forgot & then if I did remember I thought, oh they must have read the xray or u/s wrong.

Yes, yes, they didn't read it wrong.
I am having gallstone pain.

While I realize it's relatively mild for now & I pray it stays that way til I get to my doc next week, it is still a stabbing, breath taking pain by my ribs on the right side.

This started about a week or so ago.
The pain would increase when I ate, especially if it was high fat (aka fried).

I started to put two & two together yesterday.
Asked a few people who had stones & they said "Oh yes, sounds like they are acting up!"
Then I looked up my symptoms on line.
Probably the worse thing you can do b/c not only do I have stones I think I have scurvy & diptheeria.
I digress.

Last night, the pain decided to play a new trick on me & when I would move in my sleep or move standing up quickly, it would decide to make itself knows.

So please pray for me this holds off until Thursday when I have an appt. w/ my dr.
I don't fancy a trip to the hospital.

I looked up what not to eat w/ stones.
I should be dropping weight like no one's business.
Gone is my morning bagel, hello yogurt...good thing I like yogurt.

If you have any suggestions for help w/ the pain, lemme know.




I had this problem back in '05 when we moved. Very painful. Hated it. Dear DH had to practically drag my butt into the ER to find out what was wrong. Yep - gallstones. I opted for the surgery as it was covered under my insurance that I was about to lose. The main thing I took for the pain was Vicadin. I can tell you that if you opt for the surgery - it is very easy and done as an outpatient. I checked in the hospital at 12:30 and checked out at 4:30. The next day we drove across the mountains and I did a 1/2 mile uphill hike (not the greatest ideas, but I was in good shape). So the recovery isn't too bad - just a few days. Hope all goes well for you.

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

What Karyn said girl~ Those attacks had me thinking I was having a heart attack. It was terrible. Had mine out in Jan 1987 and I'd do it all over again!

Good luck sugar!