Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ten things I did yesterday:

  1. Straightened the house.
  2. Went to work.
  3. Answered a billion phone calls.
  4. Cooked bbq chicken & corn.
  5. Put one extremely, overly tired 2yo to bed at an absurdly early hour.
  6. Folded laundry.
  7. Made lunches.
  8. Used Phels Napa soap on some shirts to get the stains out.
  9. Watched the gossip shows.
  10. Talked to my parents.

Nine things I am doing today:

  1. Waking up Cheeks
  2. Running between rain drops to get to the van.
  3. Stopping at WaWa
  4. Going to work
  5. Answering a billion phone calls.
  6. Going to the bank at lunch
  7. Cooking pasta for dinner
  8. Trying to get to the store for a present
  9. Collapsing into bed.

Eight people I talked to yesterday:

  1. Bobster
  2. Julie
  3. Teri
  4. Darryl
  5. Pam
  6. Rob
  7. My mom
  8. My dad

Seven fun things in July:

  1. The 4th
  2. My birthday
  3. My sister's birthday
  4. One month til Cheeks bday
  5. Going to Bobby Flay's for my bday
  6. The nice weather
  7. Playing outside

Six Signs of Summer around our home:

  1. AC continually running
  2. Shades & curtains drawn so Bobster doesn't burst into flames when the sunlight hits him
  3. More "Too Hot to Cook" meals
  4. Smelly feet
  5. Sand from the campground tracked through out
  6. Sidewalk Chalk

Five things I hear repeatedly over the summer:

  1. I wanna go to the campground
  2. I'm going racing Saturday night
  3. It's too hot out.
  4. Someone's at the pool!!! Someone's at the pool!!!
  5. For the love of God, it's like Africa hot.

Four things I heard that have brightened my day:

  1. I love you.
  2. Love you too Mommy
  3. You are awesome.
  4. Happy Birthday

Three happy thoughts

  1. It's summer
  2. I have 3 great children
  3. Fall is almost here (my fav season!)

Two ridiculously inane things that make me say "Really?"

  1. That the woman who called me yesterday to do business actually ate her breakfast & talked with her mouth full while on the phone with me.
  2. That "I'm going to get a sandwich" at 11pm is code for something else. Hello! I know the code.

One great quote:

  1. Never eat more than you can lift ~ Miss Piggy

You're turn.

Come link to me in the comments with your list!!



Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

ROFL Meghan... there is a code around here too... 11pm and "We're going to check out the sunflowers." Are you serious? Like people can't figure THAT ONE out?!?!?

I shake my head in dismay and disgust... lol