Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Polly Parrot

Do you have one?

See that adorable, yet messy face up there?

He is our Polly Parrot.

Hence the following:
Driving with the family.
Bobster gets cut off.
He passes the offender and calls him "Douchebag"
An elegant word that is not used often enough.

About one minute later, Cheeks was being tortured by a sibling & to get him off his back Cheeks called him.....
"Douthebag" (He can't say is ch's that well).

Makes a mother proud.
Heart just swelled with pride.

Of course, my heart swelled again at the playground.
There's my angelic little boy, steering the wheel on the race car yelling "Damn It!"

Obviously, Bobster & I really need to start to watch what we say.
Sometimes our temper gets the best of us.
I definitely don't need Cheeks arriving at daycare & calling another child a "Douthebag"
Not good!

Do you have a Polly Parrot?




If your daycare provider has any sense of humor she'll secretly chukcle at the douchbag comments. My guy likes to call people a doopie crack and if they really piss him off they're a stupid dog. I can't believe how grown up looking Cheekers is