Monday, July 13, 2009

Total Spave!!!!

I so spaved today!
Thank you Rite Aid for having a kick tushie sale.
Well it was kick tushie when coupons were used.

Here's the 411 (I am so down on my teen lingo, am I not? LOL).

Anyway missing from the above pic is 2 3 Musketeer bars.
They are in my snack drawer at work.
I had a B1G1 coupon for them from the Mars Real Chocolate Promo that is going on through out the summer.
Well they were also on sale at Rite Aid for B1G1.
So I got both for free.

Next up.
Dawn Dish Detergent.
On sale for .99 cents each.
I had .20 cents off coupons...2 of them.
Came to .79 cents each.

Now the Bounty Paper towels were also BIGI @ $1.29 ea.
I had $1.00/2 coupons.
So .29 cents for both or in essence .15 cents each.

Grand total for 4 paper towels, 2 dish liquids & 2 candy bars:
Total spave!!!

My girlfriend at work went with me & used her B1G1 free coupons to score this:

For .06 cents.

Um, yea......06 cents!

We both totally spaved!!!!!

How have you spaved lately?
Share a good deal with me!