Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What? You're How Old?

For the love of God, today was an eye-opener.
Apparently, I'm old.
For those that do not know, I turned 40 this past July.
No biggie.
I handled it with grace & finesse.

Today tho., ugh, it bit me in the tushie.
Went to lunch w/ my dad, as I do every Wednesday.
We go to the same place.
This is hole in the wall diner by my work.
Our server today was Kyle whose bil owns the joint.

He's a cutie.
Blonde, blue eyed, nice smile.
My dad thought he was greek.
He's Irish. I can spot an Irish boy a mile away.

I digress.
Talking w/ Kyle I flat out asked him how old he was totally part of the convo.
Kyle said 22.
I did the math & then asked the dreaded question.
"What year were you born?"
Kyle responded with
I graduated high school in 88.
When I told young Kyle this he goes "WoW! I'd have never you were that old"
Thanks Kyle, that makes me feel much better.

Then I go to work where I'm reading my blogs.'s allowed in my world.
I find out that the original Beverly Hills 90210 debuted 20 years ago.

Holy crap!
You're kidding me right?
First, who remembers Scott?
Kid on the end, next to Andrea?
Poor kid, killed off in the 2nd season & never mentioned again.

This show was an icon of my youth.
I remember going to my friend's house who was holding a premiere party for the season opener of season 5 I think?  I can't remember...I'm old.

Really, 90210, 20 years old?
This has to be wrong.

Then again, we were chatting the other day & reminiscing about old tv shows.
Like Starsky & Hutch, Eight is Enough & my personal fav:
Sigmund the Sea Monster.
You know, with Jodi from Family Affair.
Another total fav show & did you know Jodi was Mormon.
Oh that's right.
Holla for the Mormons!

So I feel officially old.
To help me feel older or younger, tell me what tv shows you remember from your youth.
I'd love to know!


~ Crystal ~

No way! BH90210 is 20??? Yes, I remember Scott! Wow.... That means I was 12 when it started. LOL I watched every episode of that series. And I mean every! Even read the books that were based on it!

MS Mom

90210 the neighborhood girls rallied together and watched this, never missing an episode. They were recorded. One had a wall full of VHS tapes full of episodes. Also, who can forget 21 Jump Street? Wow! Johnny Depp was such a hottie!
And what's with these kids calling women over 30 Ma'am? My mother-in-law is Mrs.Anthony, I'm Patty.


Oh my gosh, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters? I'm shocked and amazed that I remember that show. Remember Land of the Lost? Or The New Zoo Review? Or H.R. Puffinstuff? Good gravy, kids these days have no idea. They think their stuff is a trippy mess? Take a look at old Puffy.

I once worked in Beverly HIlls. It was a sigh-fest every time I had to give out my work address over the phone. "90210." "90210!? Like the show!?"

Have a great week!