Monday, June 11, 2012

And the Angels Cried

Let it be cool!

Today we got our downstairs air conditioner.


To be honest, it wasn't really too bad the past couple of weeks.
As anyone who lives in the Delaware Valley knows...the heat & humidity of summer is a comin.

We bought an a/c unit yesterday from Home Depot.
Got it home.
Installed it.
Viola...instant airplane in our living room.
Sounded like a 747 was ready for take off.

Poor Cheeks & I had to turn our movie up all the way (John Carter was the flick...don't waste your time) & we still couldn't hear it.
I told Bobster "Oh no! This has to go"

So the Grandpop did a little research & found that a Sears Kenmore unit was rated the best & the quietest by Consumer Reports.

Tonight we returned the airplane motor & headed down the road to Sears.
15 minutes later merchandise pickup was loading that sucker in the back of the mini van.

Took Bobster like 10 minutes to install.

You can't even hear it.
Love it.

We are waiting for it to cool off the downstair...which isn't that big so it should be really quickly.

To make it even sweeter the Grandpop helped buy it as an early Christmas present for me...guess I am getting something good for my birthday in July...hee hee.

Tell me, how are you beating the heat?