Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michael Phelps I am Not!

So yesterday I took a vacation day & took the little one to Coco Keys Water Park.
So much fun.
Nothing deeper than 3 ½” feet.

Needless to say Cheeks had a ball.
He kept telling me I was awesome, the place was awesome & he was having an awesome time.
I took it as he liked it.

He told he didn’t like, he actually loved it!

I actually had a ball.
Wasn’t self conscious at all in my bathing suit.
I was splashing & splishing with the best of them.
Throwing basketballs in the water basketball court.
Walking/floating/swimming the lazy river.

Good times.

Today I pay the price.
I am so sore I feel like I was on a stretching rack ala Fifty Shades of Grey except without the hot lover.
Muscles that haven’t been used since I was 17 hurt.
My calves are on fire and my flabby arms should be toned like Madonna or at least that’s how they feel.
This just goes to show you that being over 40, out of shape and overweight, it not a girls best friend.


I had a blast tho!