Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I love you Chic fil A

Tonight I hit up Chic fil A with Cheeks in tow.
I also had Fifty Shades Deeper with me.
Cheeks plays, I read.
Perfect for the both of us.

Well they were having family night.
Make a family tree.

It was messy so Cheeks was all over that action:

And the girl was as patient as the day is long.
He was very good.

He had to list his family members.
He did.

In case you can't read it, he listed:
Pops (The Grandpop)
Pop (Poppy)
PopPop (obviously, the PopPop)
Uncle Chuck.

Then he ran out of apples.
Thanks goodness, I would have had to take home a whole orchard.

This is why I love ChicfilA.
They are, without a doubt, the cleanest fast food place.
Every worker I have ever encountered is just a sweet & nice as can be.
And they are extremely family oriented.
Love it!

Next week is super hero night.
I will not have a moments peace.

Tell me, what is your fav fast food place?