Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I Won't Use Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong.
I love me some Pinterest.
I even want you all to follow me.
Even if all I do is repin other people’s pins.

Sadly, I will not use Pinterest as a social media tool.
I already have a Facebook account & a Twitter account.

I use both regularly.
For personal & promotion.
I am shameless promo ho ya know!

Pinterest is mine.
To enjoy.
Not to subject my followers with even more ways to enter contest, buy stuff, see a movie.

I just want something to enjoy.
Sort of keep to myself without subjecting myself to more promotions.
Yes I see them when I look at “everything” on Pinterest & I even see them when I look at who I follow.
I may click on them here & there but I just want something on the internet to seem promo free.

Will this hurt my blog in the future?
Will I change my mind?
I am a red headed moody woman so perhaps I will.

For now I will keep it my secret…well my special corner of the internet is more like it.

How about you?