Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lots of Pomp & Circumstances Happening Around Here

He did.
My little boy who I got when he was just 11 years old decided to graduate high school:

It's not to say it wasn't a rough ride this year.
He put us through the ringer.
Luckily, he pulled it out of somewhere & graduated.

The ceremony was long.
Not going to lie.
The weather couldn't have been better or cooperated more.
Beautiful evening for a graduation.

Look at him....taking it so seriously.

The whole class played a joke on the principal & as he shook their hand to congratulate them, each student handed him a detention slip. 
My sister told me her class did marbles.
My class did nothing.
Yes, we all graduated from the same high school.

Take a look at this young man:

Good looking boy, no?

Congrats TimBob...we love you!!!



Congrats to mom and dad as well! it is hard to get these kids graduated!!! What are his post high school plans?