Monday, March 24, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 1

I first learned of this challenge over at Elsie Larson's blog: A Beautiful Mess.  I learned of Elsie back when I was scrapbooking on a regular basis.  I digress on the scrapping.

Anyway she talked about the challenge over at 100 Happy Days.  Finding something to be happy about everyday for 100 days.  The name is pretty self explanatory. 

I figured why not? I can do this. I can find something every single day.  I have a husband and kids.  That makes me happy every day.  Well, you know, when they are neat, clean, & respectable.  Ok, so maybe not everyday.

Anyway todays happy is found in tulips.

These tulips are given to all the women at my job by a fellow co-worker.  He gives them every first day of spring (It helps that his girlfriend is a florist..tee hee).  He has never missed a year since I started back in '98.

They are sitting on top of the filing cabinet that sits in between my desk & my boss'.  I swung around today, saw them and smiled.   They are starting to open and I just thought they looked so pretty.  There are four for the four women in my department & we are the only department that is made up of all women! 

Tell me, what made you happy today.


Marcy Agostoni

This post and that photo made me smile this morning! Happy Day to you! Thank you for sharing! Question so do you post everyday during the 100 happy day challenge? What are the parameters/rules, besides finding something to be happy about everyday?


Those are great questions Marcy! I'm pretty much winging it. I am hoping to post every day.

As for rules/parameters, I'm just going with the flow. I will find something everyday to post about. If I don't post that day about it, I will just include it on another days post.

Just want it to be fun, no pressure! :)