Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 6.7 & 8 of 100 Happy Days

I totally suck.
I only made it 5 days before I didn't post a "happy".
Honestly, we were stuck home all weekend because the weather was just rain, rain and more rain.
I did leave on Saturday to take the 15 yo to his hockey game because unless it's lightening out, they play.
We were all soaked.

Sunday was a blah day.
Stuck around the house.
Made dinner.
The usual.

The one thing that made me happy over the weekend was seeing Bobster & Cheeks, both in their underwear, sitting side by side on the couch, eating and drinking like they were in a men's club.  I didn't take a photo because, well Bobster would kill me.  It just made me smile since it showed father and son in pure bliss.  Underwear, food and tv.  For those two it doesn't get much better.

Today's happy was the fact that my day went super fast.
Lightening fast!
Woosh & the day was over.
Well the work day.

Of course, I think it's time we all get happy.

Feast your eyes on this toe tapper.

Love this song.

Well, come on, tell me what made you happy today?