Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 5 100 Happy Days

At first it was taking a lot for me to find stuff to be happy about today.
I was an hour late for work.
At lunch time, the school nurse called me & said Cheeks had a rash all over his tummy.
I had to leave an hour early to take him back to the nurse practitioner because they weren't there when his father took him & he couldn't take him back because the middle boy had hockey practice.

Then the nurse practitioner, who by the way, is the best, told me she couldn't figure out what the rash was from.  So some allergy med & prescription strength hydrocortisone cream later, we headed for home. 

Then I remember it's Friday.

That is what made me happy.

Plus the cold weather broke & it made it to 60 degrees today!  With a slight breeze.  My type of weather.

I'm off the next two days.
I can sleep in tomorrow.  It's supposed to be torrential rains, so it will be good sleeping weather.

Yea, I'm happy.

How 'bout you?



Oh, I love your 100 Days of Happiness challenge! Some days it IS difficult to find be happy about. Good job! :)