Saturday, March 22, 2014


My sweet angelic boy, Cheeks, up there has such a way with words.
Obviously he's angelic...he's wearing a halo!  Hello!

Anywho the other day we were driving home from school when he tells me there is a new student in his class.  His name is Yaya.  I asked Cheeks if he was nice & he said he shook his hand & welcomed him to the school.

I asked where Yaya was from.
Cheeks replied "Boxsan"
"What?" was my response.
"Boxsan" even more exaggerated now because I have managed to annoy him.
He then looks me in the eye & says "It's a country!"
So I drive a little bit, it hits me, I look at him & say "Cheeks did you meet Botswana?"
He was like "Yea, that's it!"

That made me giggle the rest of the way home.

Then last weekend on the way to our hockey banquet for Christopher, I decided to go out on a limb & put make up on.
I don't wear it everyday.
I used to, then I got pregnant & suffered so bad from morning sickness that I couldn't stand up to apply.  Then Bobster told me he liked me sans makeup.  Well game on make up it is.

Just as I was finishing my application Cheeks walks in, takes one look at me & declares
"You look like a pop tart!"

I was to stunned to say anything.  Then when his father commented Cheeks said it again.

I don't know what to do with this kid.

Sometimes he gets me laughing so much I can discipline him for being a smart mouth.

Do you have this same problem?


Lisa Gradess Weinstein

Well Poptarts are quite least he said you looked like a food that most people like to eat! lol! Out of the mouths of babes!