Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Bit of a Fire on The 100 Happy Days Day 2

Fire good said the caveman.  Right? Right.
Perhaps fire was good for them.
Me, not so much.

See I accidentally set my crockpot on fire last night.
Before you get all "OOOH! Electrical fire".
Not even plugged in.
Now that is talent!

I have a very, very small counter next to my stove.
My lazy tushy decided that would be a good place to put my crockpot instead of away because I was planning on using it today.
Really, why would I want to go the addition 24inches into the pantry when the counter was right there.

Last night was pasta night.
I turned on the burner after I put the pot of water on & went to the dining room.
About 5 mins later I hear a loud Pop.

I go to investigate, don't see anything but smell the awful plastic burning.

Yes, folks, the crockpot was hanging just a tad bit over & when I turned the burner on, the flames decided to heat up the crockpot.
So much so, that it melted the base, has a screw hanging out of it and the little screen that tells you what you are setting is black.

For some reason I do not think this is covered under warranty.
Just sayin.

On a better note, today is Day 2 of the 100 Happy Days challenge.

What was I happy about today.
Feast your eyes on my little sculptor & his sculpture.

He made it all himself & painted it.
I see future artiste in da house!  Holla!

It's actually really cute and after a so/so day at work, this made me happy.
He is so proud of it and I am so proud of him.

What made you happy today?