Saturday, August 25, 2007

And that was the week that was

Just a random photo I chose to highlight. This is from the first celebration we had to celebrate Cheekers 1st birthday. The Thurs before Bobster left for the Land of Goya.

On the right, is Danny, our 11 yr old nephew. The left is Christopher, he's 8. They are chowing down on the cupcakes I made & Erin iced to celebrate with. They were some damn good cupcakes.

So as I type I am watching "Snakes on a Plane." People, if you haven't seen this, please don't bother. Cheesy is not the word. Altho. I do think Julianna Margolis lookes like Alison, Chris & Tim's mom. The movie tho. well the acting is terrible but I think it's the type of movie that every time it's on HBO I will prob. watch it. Pathetic? Yes, yes it is but it's better than "Elmo's World."

Bought Chris sneaks today & the store was having a sale. The second was 50% off so I got Cheekers his 1st pair of Converse.


He has been on the move lately. Not walking but crawling, pulling himself up, cruising while holding on.
You can not help him to walk, b/c he will go limp & sit down.
That's my kid.

On a more downer note, I went thru some of his clothes from last year to get ready to either give away, sell or donate.
Talk about heartbreaking.
We aren't haing anymore.
Financially we shouldn't
I am not the most happiest person when pregnant & I had post partum so I don't want to put everyone thru that again.
Plus, Cheekers has been sleeping thru the night since he was 9 weeks old.
Sleep is a glorious thing!
So why didn't anyone tell me it would pull on my heartstrings to go thru his stuff. I did keep a few things & I haven't gone thru it all but WOW! Made me get all sniffley.
Plus he's now on 2 sippies a day.
Bottle only with breakfast.
I know I should break him of it BUT this is the one thing that is keeping him a baby.
I know!
I know!
I am terrible but he's only 12 mos old.
He has one bottle & take the binky here & there.
Am I a terrible mom?
Honestly, I don't think so.
I don't see him in 25 yrs in therapy b/c I gave him a bottle & binky after he was 12 mos.
If he's going to therapy it's because I have screwed him up mentally in other ways!!! :>)

Alright, I am exhausted.
2nd load of wash in.
One more to go.
Then it's "C ya in the morn!"

Woops out~!




If this makes you feel any better, Taylor had a binkie until he was almost three. The bottle both kids gave up at 1 though.

I couldn't part with some of the kids clothes, although I knew we weren't having any more. So, I kept them in a Rubbermaid container and up in the garage rafters they sit!