Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh My!

See this baby, this baby right here:

He had his 12 month check up tonight.
2 shots in each arm (screamed as if they were performing brain surgery without the anesthia).

Now for the good part.
That baby up there is:
29 pounds even
33 3/4 inches long.
And he is 12 months & 4 days old!

On that note.....Woops out!


Lissa Ballard

ANd what a gorgeous little boy he is too!

He'll be so handsome and tall, like his momma is tall and beautiful.



He is too handsome! He is getting weight and good size!


gonna be a big 'un, that gorgeous little man of yours!


Oh Meg he's just beautiful.


he looks like chris AND timmy in that picture. how'd that happen?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

Meghan, Thanks for all the nice things you said about my home. And Cheekers is welcome anytime. There is not one thing that he could ruin. I don't even have coasters........not that he's drinking yet.
I can't believe he's ONE! He looks very happy. Good job.

Felicia McB

they gave him his shots in the arms!? poor thing! They always give Aidan his in the sides of his thighs. once or twice he's cried and I think it was more so because we had to hold him still and he didn't understand. When he would start to cry and get all red in the face, we'd gently blow on his face and it would "startle" him enough that he'd take a breath and then he was usually fine.
Ethan sure is a cutie!


He's HUGE!!! And oh so adorable! Why did they do shots in the arms??? ouch!


What a QT for sure!!! I remember when mine were that little....oh so wishing they still were.....boohoo for me.

Nik Just Nik

OMG There is no way that Cheeks can be one year old.. That is not possible... when did that happen.. where did 12 months go??