Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rio, Rio, Rio

What grade or how old were you when this song was popular????
If you weren't born yet, please refrain from tellin me that little piece of information. I don't think my pacemaker could take it!



OMG, I love you! lol

If you didn't already know, Duran Duran was my all time favorite band when I was 18! A little old I know, but damn I loved John and Simon, especially John!

*insert large sigh here*



Incidentally, I watched the entire video and plan on going on over to You Tube right now and watching more...if they have them!



OMG. Too funny. How cheesy were videoes in the 80's anyway? Remember when MTV had Martha Quinn and Richard Blade and *gasp* actually PLAYED videos?!? Thanks for reading my blog! I am now reading yours as well. :-) Oh, and her name is Victoria. POp her, will ya? She STILL has not talked to me. HUMPH.


oh man......i feel about as old as dirt right now. here's one from "my" era *sighs*

should make you feel like a pup! LOL


Let's see... in the 80's I was between the ages of 6 (1980) and 15 (1989)

Felicia McB

um not sure what year that came out, but in the eighties I was between the ages of 1 and 10, so um yeah... But I do like that song, I've had it on my comp for years.


Wow! Well I was in elementary school, I can tell ya that. But I cannot remember the grade. Duran Duran Rocks On!


1980-1989, I was between the ages of 12-21. lol

the nana

fyi...last friday was national duran duran day. they announced it on fox 29's good day philadelphia. meghan i remember you dancing around poppy's house while the song played...hahah


The album Rio was released on May 10, 1982, and I was 12, however Rio the song wasn't released in the US until March 1983... I had plastered my wall with posters of them, and loved Nick the most, but John & Simon were hot too... I liked their following album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger better though... :)