Friday, August 31, 2007

Black Cloud or Loser? You decide

Well, yesterday I left work.
Started my minivan.
Let me rephrase...attempted to start.
Right there.
In the parking lot.
Had to leave it over night.

Ok no problem.

Got a ride to work from the moms.
The pops was coming to get it towed.

Then it happened.

Sybill Hitler or as I like to call her....that fuckin bitch (oh yea, I said it!) got her way.
I started @ 8:30.
By 9 am I was "Let Go".
Nice way of saying "FIRED!"

Is this a trend?
Am I just a loser?

I was told I don't have the passion for my job.
Um, it's a data entry job, you order the product, you set up the shipment.
You close.
You bill.
You collect the $$$.
I don't know what passion they were friggin lookin for.
Was I supposed to show up everyday with a red rose between my teeth & do the tango?
Was I to grab my coworkers & jump up & down with joy when my salesmen got orders?
I don't know yet.
Yes very.
Yes but not as much as last time. Odd.
Self confidence destroyed?

So I stopped by the temp agency that got me the job that let me go & they are going to help me find another one.

Now I have to return to this job on Tues, Weds. & Thurs so I get the health benefits for the month. Bobster will be picking up Cheeks on his. I will go without for now.
Great news eh?

My big boss offered to keep me on for a month.
I declined.
I told her I would feel uncomfortable.
Hell. I already do.

My official last day will be Sept 10th.
They are giving me 2 weeks severance + my unpaid vaca days.
Told me they wouldn't deny my unemployment either.
How nice of them!

My big boss told me she understood I had a lot on my plate & a lot of stress.
So I guess losing my job elevates some of the stress?
Hmm...don't know her thought process but whatever.

Wait, saved the best for last.
I had to sit, outside, with my sweater that I kept in the office for cold days & my 3 bags of crap that I had in there while I waited for my dad to come get me b/c the darn van was still dead.
Good times!
Good times!

Wish me luck.
If you know of a company hiring, let me know, I'm there!

Rant over.
Woops out!!



OMG Meghan, I'm so sorry Hon. Probably better that you don't work there anyway. Who needs shit? KWIM?


Lissa Ballard

Oh Meghan... I"m so sorry!! I'd been worrying that I hadn't seen you and now I see this. Oh mercy. I'll keep good thoughts and a prayer for a new job and quick! (It would be nice have a double income for the month of September hmmm?)


Nik Just Nik

Meghan I am so sorry.. I will say it to... SHE"S A BITCH!!

You will find another job babe.. and it will make that one look like the worst on in the world..


I'm sorry to what happened to you. Remember that every negative that happens is a learning lesson to help your growth. Of course it can be horrible and scary at the moment but take a emotions out of the picture and try to look at the bigger picture. Black cloud or loser, I don't think so. Trust in God and yourself and you will find yourself, your path, and happiness. Strength comes with adversity. Look to your beautiful little boy and you can overcome any adversity that comes your way.




I hadn't checked in with you in awhile - sooo sorry to hear this! Feels good to vent on your blog huh? I hope this will lead to bigger and better things for you!


{{Hugs}} Sorry to hear this. You will have a bigger and better job and you will wonder why you wasted your time there.

Hmm... maybe when Charles lost his job and we was stressed. We was doing it all wrong. Sheesh....


i dont know who sent the message by anonymous, but amen to what she says. you are no loser meghan kathleen woeppel. i raised you to be self reliant and confident. that job wasnt for you and the girl you worked for was the same personality as the one before. you are bright well educated articulate and beautiful. you are an asset to all who know you and love you. keep good thoughts in your head and heart and pray. you will find a better job in no time and one that appreciates your talents. look at ethan bobby tim and chris. you're the most successful woman i know...i love you


oh Girl... that sucks something big.

Tara O'Rourke

Well that bites....seriously. I've had the very same thing happen to me...and it was BETTER. I was pregnant...and had morning sickness from the stress of the job...didn't puke ONCE after I got "let go". Stupid people...heads up Meghan....

BTW-my blog gives YOU one of my bad days last week...the others include getting a ticket for a violation I did NOT commit (the ticket was dismissed by the Prosecuting Attorney), dh being gone, starting homeschool, bickering with my teenage son...oh yeah that list goes on.....


Sorry to hear about all these minor set-backs you are experiencing right now Meg. I know you'll get through it, we all manage to do so - woman are strong and you are a strong woman!!! Something better is lurking right around the corner and will be a blessing in disguise. :)

duh, it's me :)

Meghan!! You are so NOT a loser!!

I have been thinking about you all weekend and trying to hunt down your email address! i am so stinkin sorry!!


stoopid poo poo heads!
(yes, i need to get out more)

sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way. don't let the bas***** get you down!


Oh, Meghan, I'm really sorry! Don't even for a minute think you're a loser! Think THEY are, since they are losing you!
I hope you get the job you deserve. You'll be better off, I'm sure! Prayers going your way!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

Oh Meghan.....I'm sorry, but you are so much smarter than that job. They don't deserve you. But you still managed to make me laugh with the sweater and waiting for your dad.