Monday, August 27, 2007

On my mind...

Honestly, doesn't he make you want to jump up & down & laugh!

Anyway, tonight I have been thinking of Michael Vick.

Yes, he's a poor excuse for a man but today he gave his "statement", in between his endless mutterings of "you know" which by the way, I don't know. That's why you are telling me.

He mentioned that he found Jesus.

Now exactly where did he find him? Was under the sofa cushion? Was he in the kitchen cabinet behind the canned green beans & when Mike moved them, Jesus popped out & went "BOO."

I think it's a wonderful thing when people have religious & religious values but it is a sad thing when celebs say they "found Jesus" b/c a PR person told them it will improve their image. I don't feel Michael Vick was sincere in his "apology" nor do I think he really found Jesus.

I think he hopes this will lesson his sentence & people will take pity on him.

Well Mr. Vick, why don't we take you, put you in a fight & when you don't perform well, we will light you on fire, kick you & torture you til you can't stand it or worse! Would that make you see what you did was wrong? I don't believe you in a second. I think you are only sorry b/c you got caught. If you never got caught, you would have continued your activity.

On that note...

Woops out~!