Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another CJ done, 2 to go!

I got to scrap tonight.
I actually forced myself too.
I don't spend enough time doing this & I truely enjoy it.
Usually, I make an excuse to not do it b/c well let's face it, I am too tired to drag my sh*t out at 9pm tonight.
Well, not tonight. I drank that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, dragged the crap out & made these.

The subject is about My World. What is in my world, what, when, who?
I went pretty simple.

Anyway, the first page, the one with my pic is by Lissa from Divalicious.
That's the yahoo group I own.
Divalicious Scrapbooking.
She creates a new sketch for our group every Friday!
They totally rock!!!!
BTW, if you are interested in joining my group, leave me a comment with your email & I will send you an invite.

So now, partake in viewing my 8x8 cj layouts.
Behold: (LOL)



Great lo's! Love them!


I see that you are up to your usual faboo scrapping Meghan! You go girl. Send some of that mojo my way would ya?



Great job and good for you for getting out your stuff! I did the same thing tonight AFTER cleaning up my table! Just did a card, but it was fun and it was creative!


Cool pages!! Ok I wanna join your yahoo group! And I wanna know where you do this survey thing and how you signed up for it!


Great job. Kudos to you for using your stash. Love the colors.


Great layouts. Love the soft colors. I know what you mean about dragging everything out...sad thing is I have a scrap room, it's just a mess on my desk and I can't handle that.