Sunday, February 10, 2008

Layout, turkey tettrazine & Kid Rock

Can you stand it???
I scrapped.
These are for a cj for Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the backdoor & found a box in between the door & the screen door. It contained 2 more cj's, in addition to the 2 I already have. I thought I better get scrappin so the next person isn't bogged down with cj's. The whole group is behind but that's another story.

Anyway, it was to do my fav color. Pink it is!! Love it! I , of course, don't really wear it tho., b/c I like to wear black. Besides diamonds & donuts, black is a fat girls best friend! Heed my word on that!

So that is my contribution & I must say I really like how they came out. Small book 6*6, so the pages went fast.

Next we have my turkey tettrazini back debacle.
I made this sucker from scratch.
While I was making it, I thought, no one is going to eat this.
As I was getting Cheeks plate ready my mom walked thru. the door with stuffed peppers.
Thank God b/c when Cheeks put it in his mouth, he made a face & immediately let it drop out of his mouth.
My mom didn't like it, either did my sister. I thought it was ok, little bland.
So Cheeks had the inside to a stuffed pepper. He gobbled it up too!
TRADER! :>) Tee hee.

Kid Rock.
Am I the only one who finds him sexy?
Long stringy hair & all????
Anyone else?

Woops out!


Tara O'Rourke

These are FAB-U!! I love them. I think you should wear pink sometime. I can see you in a hot pink w/ small black polka dots shirt style dress...with a nice swingy skirt...high heels and a way cool scarf....

She's gonna throw tomatoes at me...but really meghan...I bet you'd look gorgeous (more so since i think you already ARE) in hot pink.


Great lo's!

Yes, I think Kid Rock is sexy in his own way. rofl

duh, it's me :)

At least you tried something new!! :)


The LO is lovely! Very you...

Also *I* would have eaten your Turkey Tetrazzini... I can't have been *that* bad...

Kid Rock is ... Well I dunno if I'd call him hot, but yeah... He's not too shabby...


They look great Meghan.. Love them.. Sorry baby you are all by yourself on Kid Rock.. That man does nothing for me..


The Untamed Scrapper

Lovin' the layouts and oh yeah, Kid Rock is definitely hot..... then again, I always did find the bad boy sexy...

as for the tettrazinni, I love it but it is notoriously bland...

Colors of Me

very pretty pages - love the pink and yeah, kid rock is hot


LOL about Kid Rock. Email me if you want me to refer you to the few survey sites I belong to. It's not much, but I did get a $5 bill in the mail yesterday. At least it covered today's Starbucks run.


Loving the pink!! You should wear it more often seriously!! As for the turkey stuff....spice it up! *L* I haven't seen the recipe but dang spices are free calories aren't they? I'd experiment. *L*
Cheekers is a doll!! Kid Rock is NOT! *LMAO* Ewwwwwww *gag*


So good to see you scrapping! Very cute even with my least fav colour!