Friday, February 15, 2008

Take the long way home

This is without a doubt Cheekers favorite activity.
Almost reminds me of Forrest Gump.
Walk. Walk. Walk.
And he wants to go where he wants to go, do not try to make him go in another direction b/c he will give you a good "what fer!"

Look @ his hair.
It lays on his shoulders. So cute.
Sadly, he is going to the Nana to get his 1st haircut tomorrow.
I will of course, take pics.

Not much else is going on.
Still doing WW.
Lost a freakin 1/2 pound this week....guess it's better than gaining.
We had the Shrimp Sautee from the WW Comfort Recipe book this week. It was really good.
The Turkey Tetrazzine came from there but as you know from my last post...not so good.

Still trying to save the moola.
Am joining tons of survey sites to make money.
I am still waiting for my $25 check from the gov't for the Visa scam I blogged about a few weeks ago. That will go in the emergency fund. Which I am sure I will need sooner or later.

A few weeks ago my brakes went.
So I had my dad, with my cc in hand, take it to Sears & get it fixed.
My daddy paid for it!!!!! Even tho. I gave him the cc!
Isn't he the best.

I truly have the best parents ever, don't I?
My daddy pays for my brakes
my mommy rescues Cheekers from having to eat his mommy's bad cooking plus she was the only one who got Cheeks a Valentine. I didn't even get him anything.
Bad mommy, I KNOW!

Well I have to get back to work.
Took a breather.
Woops out!



We are going to try and get Eric's first haircut done tomorrow too!

Eric also loves to walk...and will only go where HE wants to go...our boys are so much alike it is scarey sometimes!


Meghan, I love this pic of Cheeks! He is so cute from the back as well as the front!

I have a WW cookbook of sorts if you'd like some of the recipes. Has the point values and everything. Someone made it and I purchased it when I was there.

Just lmk