Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just when you think you are getting out, they pull you back in!

The photo has nothing to do with the post but really, how can I resist posting a pic!
Plus you get to see how Cheeks spends some of his Saturday mornings.
Don't think I park my kid in front of the tv. It's on but he's limited as to how long he watches etc. I think Elmo was on, then again Elmo is always on! LOL

Anyway I think I was getting ahead in the financial dept.
Like I received a $3.00 check the other day from Pinecone Research. I took the survey on a Monday, had the check on Friday.
So btwn that & the previous check, I had $9 to put towards my emergency fund.
Go me!
I know...don't be jealous. You too can have a piddly $9 in your emergency fund.

So today my van's brakes decided to go.
Plus something else.
Apparantly it is making all kinds of noise under the hood & my brakes grind when you come to a stop.
Good times!
Good times!
So even tho. I thought I was "caught up" this month, I now have this set back.

Maybe when I'm grown up I won't have these issues, right?
I'm only in my 30's with a child of my own...does that mean I'm grown up? :>)

Ok, off to fiddle with bank account & hope that my genie I found in the bottle will grant me 3 wishes!

Woops out!



I know what you mean Meggers.. I need new tyres on my RAV plus it is due for a 40,000 kilometre service.

So there is about $1000 I dont have atm.