Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Yep, Jersey got some snow.
Now it wasn't an intentional Snow Day for me.
I had work.
I even was leaving early.
So, like a good b*tch,I got outside & start the car & try to clean it off as it's snowing.
Well I hear this awful noise & all of a sudden my windshield wipers pop off & break. I have 2 big chunks of metal.
I was like Um, what?

So the weather is supposed to get worse before it gets better & I work in extreme South Jersey or as I like to call it, God's Country, the Boondocks etc. I wasn't taking the hwy all the way there & back to have this happen again so I had to call out. I didn't want to, didn't intend to but fate had it all planned out for me.

Scrappin Mojo is having week long cyber crop. Well Cheeks took a 2 hr nap & I was inspired.

The first challenge was to do a First Birthday layout.
So I grabbed one of his portraits & went to town.
This is what I came up with:

Next was to do a layout about your wish. You could use the words "If tomorrow were my birthday I would wish for...", I filled the blank in with you. I did the journaling around the photo in Navy marker so it's a bit dark but irl you can see it, sure you have to squint but you can see it!

Both layouts were done with sketches from the Sketch This blog.
They are simple layouts but totally love how they came out.

I have also been tagged (Thanks Jen L.!) & I have a book giveaway to do but will either do those later today or over the weekend.

Well I put Mr. Cheeks down to take a nap & I hear "Aye, aye, aye" so I think he might just be awake.

Off I go.
Woops out!



Cute cute work. Is that a dimple I see upon Cheeks's cheek?


We had a snow day too. I always lift my wipers off the car so that they don't stick to the window. Had that happen once, just an idea. Love your layouts for scrappin mojo