Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pay It Forward Book Exchange!!!

Yep! It's here!
The PIF Book Exchange.
What is that you ask????

Well if you a reader then you will be interested. It is where you get a book & give it away, the person who wins, reads it & then forwards it someone else with the same giveaway.

Awesome idea, no? I think it is. I was actually fortunate enough to win a book a few weeks back. I am in the process of reading it so that will be paid forward later.

Today I want to giveaway these books:

Love and a Bad Hair Day by Annie Flannigan.
Such a cute story. Small town. Hair dresser. Dashingly handsome guy. Guy threatening to close source of income in town for many. You get the picture.

Second is:
Danber After Dark by Ellie McDonald. This is a Young readers novel. I would say 11 and up. It's a Mystery about two little girls who investigate an abandoned mansion.

So if you would like to win one of these books, post a comment & then plan on giving it away when finished. Let me know what book you would like & your email.

I will post the winner next Saturday, March 1st.

Good luck
Happy Reading!

Woops out!

**EDITED TO ADD** Please leave an email address or link to your blog. That is needed to win so I can get in touch with you to let you know you one!!!



I would like the book, Love and a Bad Hair Day. I love reading. I hope I win :)


Oh! We LOVE to read! And those books both sound good! I bet Lia would love Danber After Dark!

This is kinda like my ATC contest was! ^_^

The Cool Chicks

This is so fun Meghan! My niece would like to read Danber After Dark!

xo Amy


Oh what an awesome idea - I am an avid reader and would love to do this. I would be interested in Love and a Bad Hair Day :)


I'm in, I would love to get a new book to read. The Love and a Bad Hair Day sounds like my kind of book.

The Untamed Scrapper

I'm in for the Bad Hair Day! They both sounds like good reads girlfriend!